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Specialized Torch 2.0 Road Shoes - Mixtape LTD

Specialized Torch 2.0 Road Shoes - Mixtape LTD
Mix Tape LTD
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Do you have a playlist that gets you pumped? Maybe one song that always makes you smile inside? Us too, and that's what our Mixtape Collection is all about. As head designer Kayla Clarot puts it, "We're are all so incredibly unique, but one thing that we all have in common is music. No matter how you ride, Mixtape calls you to make your most bad-ass mixtape and to share it with all who are willing to listen." So, let the design inspire you like your favorite mixtape—loud, unapologetic, and full of energy.

The Torch 2.0 Road shoes are all about comfort and performance. Due to the materials, road shoes often feel stiff and uncomfortable. We decided to address this annoyance head on, though. To do so, we've implemented a 100% mesh and TPU construction on the Torch 2.0 that allows for more wiggle room in the toe box and a less constrictive, sock-like feel. The upper is then paired with our medium-stiffness FACT carbon sole and a rubber heel and toe that provide the perfect degree of off-the-bike traction. For the closure, we added a single lightweight Boa IP1 dial that features tool-free snap replacement capability, while also providing simple, on-the-fly micro-adjustments.

- Body Geometry sole construction and footbeds are ergonomically designed and scientifically tested to boost power, increase efficiency, and reduce chance of injury by optimizing hip, knee, and foot alignment.
- Carbon sole with a 7.0 Stiffness Index is engineered to be moderately stiff, yet light with a rubber heel and toe for off-the-bike traction.
- Lightweight Boa IP1 dial closure for on-the-fly micro-adjustment, backed by the Boa Lifetime Guarantee.
- Mesh and TPU upper for a supple fit.
- Three-bolt cleat pattern fits all major road pedals.
- Approximate weight: 235g (1/2 pair, Size 42)

Clipless pedals, shoes, and cleats come in many varieties, some specific to one brand or another. If you have a favorite, you may already know what you're looking for, and what is compatible.

Want some help choosing the right pedals and/or shoes? Interested in trying something new? Contact us to ensure your shoes are compatible with your pedals, and all of it's compatible with you.

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN
Mix Tape LTD / 36 888818451135 61019-3336
Mix Tape LTD / 37 888818452132 61019-3337
Mix Tape LTD / 38 888818451425 61019-3338
Mix Tape LTD / 38.5 888818443734 61019-33385
Mix Tape LTD / 39 888818451562 61019-3339
Mix Tape LTD / 39.5 888818445509 61019-33395
Mix Tape LTD / 40 888818445219 61019-3340
Mix Tape LTD / 40.5 888818448715 61019-33405
Mix Tape LTD / 41 888818449682 61019-3341
Mix Tape LTD / 41.5 888818451784 61019-33415
Mix Tape LTD / 42 888818447046 61019-3342
Mix Tape LTD / 42.5 888818445714 61019-33425
Mix Tape LTD / 43 888818447299 61019-3343
Mix Tape LTD / 43.5 888818443642 61019-33435
Mix Tape LTD / 44 888818447466 61019-3344
Mix Tape LTD / 44.5 888818450114 61019-33445
Mix Tape LTD / 45 888818444533 61019-3345
Mix Tape LTD / 45.5 888818449859 61019-33455
Mix Tape LTD / 46 888818448821 61019-3346
Mix Tape LTD / 46.5 888818447756 61019-33465
Mix Tape LTD / 47 888818451678 61019-3347
Mix Tape LTD / 48 888818451715 61019-3348