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Local Off-Road Riding

These local rides accommodate a wide variety of skill levels from first timers to pro racers. These rides require a helmet and a spare tube/pump. These are open year round so dress appropriately. These are natural areas and as such encounters with nature can happen.  In warm weather there are bugs, poison ivy and briars to deal with and there is always the possibility that a tree may fall and block a trail at any given time. 

Current ride areas with a link to a map of the trails

These maps are provided as a guide to distance and terrain features.  They may be helpful in finding your way, but it would be better to ride with someone who is familiar with the trails to avoid riding in circles.  

The Quarry - difficult

Many of the Quarry trails are steep with obstacles and technical terrain.  Such features can make the trails very difficult for first time riders but at the same time very rewarding for repeat visits by experienced riders.  The trails are located on a combination of City owned land, VDOT property and private property.  Any use of this land is very much At-Your-Own-Risk with no authorization granted by the landowners.  Please help support efforts toward gaining permanent legal access by showing, respect for the land, good judgment and consideration for other trail users while on these trails.  Encounters with hunters on the west side of 95 cannot be ruled out during any legal season so please dress brightly.  Care should be taken to ride only on clearly established trails.  Do not hike off trail and do not blaze new trail.  For more information visit

Motts Reservoir - Moderate Difficulty

Motts Reservoir is a relatively new area of trails around the Motts Reservoir.  This is city of Fredericksburg owned property that the city has allowed trails to be constructed for off-road cycling.  There is huge potential for this area to grow.  For more information and trail maps please visit

Quantico (OCS) - Moderate Difficulty 

Quantico (Mainside) - Difficult

These trails are located on The Quantico MCB.  Access is available to anyone with proper ID (Quantico is an open base).  These trails are very difficult and very extensive with trails connecting many different parts of the base. 


Fountainhead Regional Park in Fairfax, VA includes 10 miles of great trails. With a $300,000 grant, these trails have been beefed up to include everything from bermed turns and buff single-track to rooty, technical hills and bridges; an absolute great place to ride. The trail is directional so be mindful of the signs This trail does also close for adverse weather conditions and riders can be ticketed or bikes confiscated if riders are caught on the trails when the park is closed. For more information, check out or

Poor Farm Park

About 10 miles of beginner to advanced single-track located outside of Ashland, VA. A vareity of technical trails from flat to rolling to steep. The trail system is extensive and complex with no clearly established route, so plan on finding your way the first few times out here.

James River Trail System

About 9-12 miles of intermediate to advanced single-track located along the James River in the heart of Richmond, VA; cinsidered by many to be the best and most challenging mountain biking in the Richmond area. This is a heavily traverled trail with no established direction so be weary of runners/hikers as well as other cyclists. The trail system is made up of 5 different smaller areas that all interconnect. For more information, check out Richmond MORE.


Laurel Hill park trails are built on the former Lorton prison land.  They are sustainable trails built following the contours of the fields and open areas, with the more technical areas shaded by the trees. The two trails are connected by the CCT / Cross County Trail. The Giles Run Meadow trails are shorter and follow the contours of the hillside with log crossings and a stream crossing (dismount to cross). Most riders start on the Giles Run Meadow side. There is about ten miles of trail that are fun for all skill levels. All trails are color coded. There are two trail maps installed at the trail head and on the apple orchard loop


Fredericksburg: (540) 371-6383
Woodbridge: (703) 491-5700
Ashland: (804)798-1711

Clubs, Rides, Races...

Olde Towne Bicycles is proud to support the local cycling club 

Fredericksburg Cyclists  

 They have a calendar of events and rides and each year in the fall they put on an awesome Century ride called the Cannonball Century.  You can learn more about the Fredericksburg Cyclists here:

Dahlgren Heritage Trail

Something that the Fredericksburg area needs more of is safe, scenic, and nearby riding/walking trails.  Now there is a place you can take your friends and family to enjoy a day outside.  It is the Dahlgren Railway Heritage Trail.  It is abandoned rail bed that is being converted to to biking and walking trails in King George County.  The goal is to someday link this with Fredericksburg.  To learn more about the DRHT go to their website:


Fredericksburg Triathlon Club

As the name implies they are into the art and science of mastering three physical regimens, swimming, running, and cycling.  They are very new organization and are looking for anyone interested in participating.  You may learn more about them at there website:

Fredericksburg Trails Alliance

This group is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the trails in the Fredericksburg area.  You may have visited the Quarry Trails, they made those.  They are now working on new trails around the Motts Run Resevoir.  Check them out.